About Rotogal

Rotogal, empresa gallega pionera en rotomoldeo

The quality of Rotogal

Being the pioneers of Rotogal in Spain gives us value as a company that has been committed to Rotogal since 2005. 17 years ago, we set ourselves the goal of becoming leaders in a sector that was then growing rapidly. We have an international presence in over 40 countries.


Our products and services are focused on different sectors, whatever external demand a customer needs or imagines. We enjoy working closely with our customers and helping them to improve their processes.


Today, Rotogal is the largest manufacturer of insulated tubs and rotational moulded handling products in Europe.

Our corporate values

Commercial proactivity

We enjoy working closely with our customers, giving quick, technical answers and listening to their requests.


The customer is at the centre of our attention, meeting their expectations in terms of time and quality is one of our main objectives.


Developing new business models, new processes, new products and differential advantages to make the business more efficient and achieve a better position in the market.

Rotogal’s Philosophy

Rotogal is a company founded in 2005 with the objective of being a leader in the Rotomoulding sector, manufacturing its own products as wella as customised products to meet the needs of the market at all times.


Sectors such as aquaculture, industry, fisheries, automotive, logistics and any other sector which needs to design, produce and manufacture plastic products by Rotomoulding, is our partner/customer.


From the beginning, we look for project profitability for our customer and we undertake it as if it were for us, because we know that our customer’s success is also our success.

Productos propios y por encargo rotomoldeo Rotogal
Laboratorio propio IDi Rotogal

R&D+I: Passion And Attitude

Develop new products and provide qualities to those that already existed, shape ideas and carry out what others think is not possible, surpass the current technological barriers. This is our Pasion R&D+i.


At Rotogal R&D+i has become central to our raison d’être since we understand the importance of its contribution for an economically and environmentally sustainable world.


This is only possible through good ideas, the best practices (design department, in-house laboratory, continuous training and collaboration) and above all a lot of positive attitude.

Laboratorio propio IDi Rotogal

For Rotogal, Rotomoulding is a way of life, a way to create

Products with great versatility

We manufacture products which are adapted to the needs of each sector, such as aquaculture, food, depuration and transport, and much more.

Exhaustive quality control

We have all the certifications that guarantee the highest quality of our products. ISO standards (9001 / 14001) certify our quality rules.

Integral manufacturing process

We offer all phases of the process to manufacture the product that customers need. In our facilities with our infrastructure.

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More Group’s companies

Rotogal is part of the JJChicolino Goup of companies, all of which are situated in Boiro (A Coruña, Spain).

The vast trajectory and experience of the companies in the group within the sectors where they work (fishing, aquaculture, packaging and manipulation) endorse the work and the dedication of Rotogal, the youngest enterprise amongst them all and they complement to perfection a sphere of integrated solutions that are unique in the market.

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