It is a market which has grown very rapidly in the recent years, because of the simplicity provided by the rotomounding technique permitting the manufacture of any object or thing: Containers, furniture, lamps, planters, buoys, pallets, water tanks, fuel tanks, kayaks… The Spanish market is discovering the possibilities of rotomoulding and demands it more and more, however the international market is already a very mature market which has experienced an evolution and growth in demand. More and more this technique allows us to manufacture a greater variety of custom orders which come from companies which need to manufacture something in plastic or designers which carry out their work for other companies. It is a tendency at international level which is catching on in Spanish rotomoulding, and Rotogal has been one of those pioneers.

Branches in Europe

Rotogal has increased its market in the north of Europe with a branch in Germany with a logistical node to supply the rest of Europe and countries in the north with its products and services.  We grow more and more, thanks to the quality which we give to our products and the constant innovation in each product which we manufacture.


We have made a reputation through our way of making products, and this has built our brand in Europe and also the rest of the world. We are a reference company at international level.


From our beginnings we have been present each year in the most important international exhibitions, where we have displayed our products and we have contacted with new customers who have driven us internationally to situate us as a Spanish point of reference in an international market.


SeaFood (Brussels), Conxemar (Spain), Seafood (Boston) are the most important events where our brand goes each year to present its new products and to continue advancing and growing in a very demanding and competitive international market.


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