Isothermal container approved for dry ice transport

isothermal container dry ice

Isothermal container approved for dry ice transport

The new isothermal container approved for the transport of dry ice by Rotogal is born. Specially designed for dry ice storage and logistics.

Isothermal container approved : What sets it apart from other approved isothermal containers are its qualities.

It has a large load capacity superior to that of any other manufacturer, in addition to allowing the transport of more than 400 kg. Its insulation values are the highest on the market.

Its design gives it all these qualities. It is the result of the collaboration of our design department with some of the best international producers. All have contributed their vision based on their needs as users. The result of all this, makes this isothermal container approved for dry ice perfect.

Specially designed for the frozen products sector. Controlled temperature , cryogenic cleaning and grape transport make it the best on the market.

Strong, resistant and durable, made of double-walled polyethylene and injected with polyurethane foam. The approved isothermal container has elements to ease handling. Diseñado para garantizar un correcto apilado, aporta las máximas garantías en su uso. The opening of the lid is done with 2 pneumatic pistons, which allows to keep the lid open in total safety without harming the workers.

All the elements that complement the container, such as the axes for the lid or the brackets that support the pistons have been made of first quality 316 stainless steel. Ensuring durability and preventing corrosion. The number of openings of this approved container is controlled with a inviolable seal. Also, this model includes the novel geolocation system, which allows the container park to be located in real time.


If you want to know more about our isothermal containers approved for dry ice transport and know all the variety of models and uses of our products, you can visit our website: You will be able to know more specifically all the possibilities offered by our online catalog. You can choose the product that best suits your preferences. What we assure you is that durability and strength is what defines our products. 


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