Rotogal is pioneer and leader at offering rotomoulding services to order

The idea is simple: the Customer requires a particular product to carry out his activity, or improve a product that he already has: increase the capacity, reduce the production costs, lighten the weight or change the volumes, etc.


Currently rotomoulding permits the manufacture of almost any product, no matter how complicated the shape or how large; also, it is a system with very competitive costs; therefore opting for rotomoulding to develop your ideas is in many cases the most intelligent option.


For Rotogal, rotomoulding is a way of life, a way to create. Create is to construct something from nothing, to shape, to make it physical. This is what rotomoulding means to us, to create from nothing, or from a design, o from an order. Mould with plastic, to formalise an idea, sculpt with polymers. In a word: create forms.




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