Hygienic Tubs



  • Manufactured using food grade polyethylene, suitable for contact with perishable products.
  • Double wall “sandwich” type construction and injected with polyethylene foam providing great strength.
  • Completely smooth walls, without ridges or indentations, to improve hygiene and permit easy cleaning.
  • Easily recyclable.
  • 2 drainage holes with threaded lid. Other options available upon request.
  • Can be supplied with lid and numerous extras; 2” thread in stainless steel, grids, presses, scale marking litres,…
  • Stackable with or without lid.
  • Colour: Beige or white, other colours available upon request.


  • Box designed for the food transformation industry. The storage of prime materials and semi-finished products, feeding lines, ends of line and intermediary processes.
  • Salting of meat (salted hams, cured meats, bacon) and fish (cod, tuna, bullet tuna..)
  • Preparation of prime materials, ingredient mixes and food additives.
  • Internal and external logistics of prime materials and finished product.
  • Collection of by-products SANDACH categories 1, 2 and 3.



  • Length: 1230 mm
  • Width: 1030 mm
  • Height: 745 mm



  • Length: 1140 mm maximum / 1131 mm minimum
  • Width: 740 mm maximum / 931 mm minimum
  • Height: 730 mm maximum/ 580 mm minimum

Other technical details

  • Weight without lid: 60 kg
  • Weight with lid:  14,5 kg 
  • Capacity: 620 litres
  • Maximum load recommended: 6 heights 


(The measurements can vary ± 2%)