Rewatering BID400





  • Manufactured from polyethylene suitable for the food industry, very easy to clean.
  • “Sandwich” type structure, injected with Polyurethane, provides a high isothermal capacity and a higher strength in comparison to standard injection moulded containers.
  • Integrated system for recirculating the water, moulded in one piece on the inside of the container. (patented)
  • Large flow and constant renovation of water. Perfect recirculation throughout the entire bin with 100% oxygenation.
  • Integrated supports on the base of the container for a grill to separate the detritus.
  • Completely smooth interior without movable elements which facilitates cleaning of the container.
  • Colour: Light blue and beige; other colours available to order.



  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 500 mm



  • Length: 1120 mm maximum /1090 mm minimum
  • Width: 920 mm maximum /890 mm minimum
  • Height: 355 mm maximum /355 mm minimum

Other technical details

  • Weight without lid: 34 kg
  • Capacity: 360 litres
  • Maximum load recommended: 8 heights


(The measurements can vary ± 2%)