Mooring Buoy



  • Rigid buoys specially indicated to provide support in the mooring systems for aquaculture farms (aquaculture, sea farms, etc.)
  • We have different technical solutions available with thicknesses and types of filling to adapt more safely to the location and the use.
  • The internal moulded pivot guarantees the water tightness of the buoy and provides an additional reinforcement against fatigue in the open sea.
  • Our reinforced anchoring system synchronises perfectly ensuring that the buoy has an unrivalled durability in this type of product.


Technical Details

  • Material: MDPE. 
  • Wall thickness: 12 mm. 
  • Total weight: 173 kg. 


  • Lenght: 1710 mm.
  • Main diameter: 1331 mm.
  • Internal diameter: 95 mm.


The dimensions can vary ± 2%