Custom Moulding 

by Rotogal

The idea is simple: the Customer requires a particular product to carry out his activity, or improve a product that he already has: increase the capacity, reduce the production costs, lighten the weight or change the volumes, etc.

Currently rotomoulding permits the manufacture of almost any product, no matter how complicated the shape or how large; also, it is a system with very competitive costs; therefore opting for rotomoulding to develop your ideas is in many cases the most intelligent option.


The “Custom Moulding” Process

From the moment in which the Customer contacts with Rotogal to express his idea or need, Rotogal works hand in hand with the Customer because we are conscious that only he knows how he wants the final product and we will ensure to give him the best possible solutions.

Our consultancy department study all the aspects related with the viability of the project, production costs and market analysis if necessary, etc.

Once the direction is planned, the R&D department and the prototype design will develop 3D models, working drawings, volumes and will carry out all the changes necessary to obtain the best product.


Once this step is finished, the next step is the manufacture of the mould or moulds necessary to begin to produce the product itself, which like all of those that Rotogal manufactures, is hand finished to achieve the best product finishes on the market.

Although Custom Moulding is one of the many services that Rotogal offers, we refer to it as a work philosophy in which we try to give our customers the best of ourselves, a personalized attention and a close and attentive treatment so that your “Rotogal experience” will be completely satisfactory.