Custom Moulding Parts and Pallets

Custom development of rotomolded parts, plastic containers and pallets

Nowadays, rotational molding allows the manufacture of almost any product, no matter how complicated it is (shapes, volume, etc…) Moreover, it is a system with very tight costs, so opting for rotational molding to develop these ideas is a great option.


When a customer needs a specific product for the development of its activity, in Rotogal we have the perfect solution, since we are pioneers in the creation of custom-made parts and pallets upon request:

  • Increases capacity
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • For different weights or volumes

Custom Moulding Process for Parts and Pallets

Tell us about your needs

From the moment the customer contacts Rotogal to present their idea or need, we work side by side with them, as we are aware that only the customer knows how they want the final product and we are responsible for providing them with the best possible solutions.

We study your project

Our technical department will study all items related to the viability of the project, production costs, market analysis, etc.

We design 3D models

Once the “roadmap” has been planned, the R&D and prototype design department will develop the 3D models, planimetry, volumes and make all the necessary corrections and modifications to obtain the best product.

Manufacture of custom parts and pallets

Once this stage is completed, the mold or molds are manufactured to start producing the product, which, like all Rotogal products, is finished by hand in order to obtain the best finishes on the market.

Custom Moulding

We try to give our customers the best of ourselves, personal attention and close and attentive treatment so that their rotogal experience is fully satisfactory and meets the requested custom development objectives.

Our expertise in Rotomoulding

Capacity to produce large parts

We have one of the largest and most versatile machines in Europe, capable of moulding parts up to 5 m in spherical diameter.

Traceability control

We offer you the option of reading information using RFID chips. This system is based on the adhesion of RFID tags on the outside of the products.

The best adaptability

At Rotogal, we make the moulds that best fit the needs of the final part. We offer you what you need, whether it is cast steel sheet, aluminium, CNC duraluminium block, with textures, inserts, fittings, multiple cavities, etc…

Flexibility for urgent orders

We have incorporated our own micronising mill, which gives us the greatest flexibility in the market for urgent orders and special material requirements.

Advanced Technology and Know How

We have the most advanced technologies to manufacture our products. We develop the formulations that best suit our customers’ applications, whether it is to achieve the highest compressive strength, frigidity, friction or the lowest thermal conductivity index.

Safety and confidence

We want to offer our customers the peace of mind that comes from well-made products. For this reason, we have our own laboratory where we check the quantity and homogeneity of the raw materials we are going to use in our processes, validate new materials and the most appropriate manufacturing parameters.

Can’t find what you need? We also create other types of custom-made parts

Contact us and tell us what you need, our team of consultants will propose a solution adapted to your needs.

Do you have any doubts about our Rotomoulding services?