Rotogal plastic pallets: the assurance that you are investing well.

Plastic Pallets

Rotogal plastic pallets: the assurance that you are investing well.

This week we talk about this versatile product: plastic pallets. Our products differ from others in the market for their durability, and plastic pallets as well.

Rotogal’s plastic pallets save 75% of costs and improve the performance of the company’s internal logistics. Compared to wooden pallets and single wall plastic pallets, in addition to increasing the life span of the products, they are more cost effective. In Rotogal we have models that have rack loads over 1,250 kg without deformation.

Why are they so strong and resistant to Rotogal’s pallets? Its manufacture with double wall of polyethylene and the injection of foam in its interior, creates a “triple wall” structure that gives them a resistance not attainable with simple wall pallets. This internal structure also allows the possibility of a reinforcement structure in case of high volume load in racks.

They are smooth, with no edges or holes where bacteria or residues can be deposited. They therefore guarantee hygiene in the processing rooms and in the products.

With the aim of improving products, the engineering department and the R&D&I department periodically design and test new improvements looking for new materials, reinforcements and traceability solutions, such as barcodes, in-mould and post-mould, or RFID chips.

We are specialists in the development of custom-made plastic pallets, if you don’t find what you are looking for on the market, we manufacture it for you.

If you want to know more about our plastic pallets and know all the variety of models and uses of our products, please visit our website:

You will be able to know more specifically all the possibilities offered by our online catalog. You can choose the product that best suits your preferences and needs of your work environment. What we assure you is that durability and strength is what defines all our products.


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