Our Rotomoldeo capabilities

  • For Customers with large needs. We have one of the largest and most versatile machines in Europe with a capacity to mould pieces up to 5 meters in spherical diameter.


  • For customers that need to fill a gap. In Rotogal we have the latest technology and knowhow to carry out the filling of hollow plastic pieces with PUR and EPS. We develop the formulations that best adapt to the applications of our customers, be it to increase resistance to compression, rigidity, flotation o a lower value of thermal conduction.


  •  For Special customers. We have added a grinding mill for micronization that gives a more market flexibility when having to attend urgent orders and requirements for Special materials.


  •  For those that look for security. We want to supply our customers with the peace of mind derived from things that are well made. For this reason we have our own laboratory in which we verify the quality and homogeneity of the raw materials that we will use in our processes, we validate new materials and the most adequate manufacturing parameters.


  • For those that search for the best adaptability. When it comes to getting a good plastic product, it is fundamental to have good tooling and moulds. In Rotogal we produce the moulds which adapt themselves best to the requirements of the final piece. We offer what you require be it in sheet steel, cast aluminium, CNC milled from Duralumin, textured, inserts, fittings, multiple cavities, etc.


  • For those that search for a better control in the traceability of their products. We place at your disposal the option for scanning information using RFID chips. This system uses tags or RFID labels on the external part of the containers.